Dr. Coldwell's Collection

Writing since the age of 15, Dr. Coldwell is a best selling author many times over. His books have helped millions of people gain better health and a better life.

-Dr. Coldwell is the author and co-author of over 19 bestselling books that are partially translated in different languages and also available as audio books.

-He is the Host of the Dr. Coldwell Opinion Radio Show that has listeners of from over 151 countries.

-Dr Coldwell has been the guest on hundreds of radio shows including multiple appearances on Coast to Coast with George Noory and has also been the star on George Noory’s TV show, with huge success.

-Dr. Coldwell was the Keynote speaker at the Rally for the Troops and Let Freedom Ring. Dr Coldwell’s speech was the ONLY one of its kind that was ever transmitted worldwide by Clear Channel Radio!

-Dr Coldwell trained after the horrific 9- 11 attack the Firefighters, Police, Military, 911 first responders and even the medical staff and the firefighters at the Naval Weapon Station, as well as for the Security Chief of SC.

-Dr Coldwell was awarded at Congress by Congress man Joe Wilson for his outstanding contribution for Humanity and Freedom.