Dr Leonard Coldwell 

Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine

Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner 

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Syndicated Radio Host ( GCN - Dr Coldwell Opinion )

Award Winning Best Selling Author 

Dr. Leonard Coldwell – Motivational Speaker and Self Help Education expert. The World's Leading Authority for Natural Cancer Cures for terminal health conditions as well as Stress Related Illness, Burn Out Syndrome and Management diseases. Dr Coldwell is a board certified and accredited NMD – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, his work is in at least 7 different languages available. Dr Coldwell retired years ago from the work with patients and dedicates his life to teach his knowledge and experience via books, Seminars, Workshops and as a Journalist for the Dr Coldwell Opinion Television, Dr Coldwell Opinion Radio and the Dr Coldwell Report. He is the award winning author of 19 bestselling books and co-authored many more. He has seen over 4.4 million seminar attendees live and has thousands of publications in print, digital and audio and video publications! Dr Coldwell was awarded at Congress for his contribution for Humanity and also received an honorary degree as Doctor of Humanities from the highly respected Louisiana Baptist University. Dr Coldwell is the syndicated radio host of the Dr Coldwell Opinion on GCN: http://gcnlive.com/JW1D/index.php/showinfo?showCode=71 with listeners from over 150 countries.

Dr Leonard Coldwell, has an estimated 300 Million views on his videos on Youtube and other video publishers. His radio show, The Dr Coldwell Opinion, is one of the most success show for natural health, liberty and freedom.

"Dr. C" as he is known to his fans, is also known as one of the leading authorities for Constitutional Law ( Common Law ) Sovereignty and the fight for Liberty and Freedom. He is a thought after champion of the Health Freedom Movement and for the USA Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He was one of the very first publishing over 40 years ago information on Natural Health and Stress Related illness, Anxiety and Depression. His fight for Freedom is legendary as Radio Host Jeff Rense ( www.rense.com ) stated. Dr. Coldwell is a Legend in his own time. Multiple awards winning Radio host of Coast to Coast George Noory stated in his new TV show with Dr. Coldwell: I know and have interviewed most experts worldwide, Dr Leonard Coldwell is simply the best of the best! Radio Host of Latenight in the Midlands: " Dr. Coldwell is the ONLY guest that we promote with all of our abilities. Dr. C is fearless and the most result producing teacher, educator, coach and health care practitioner known today."

Dr Leonard Coldwell has been specially recognized by Congressman Joe Wilson, Senator Lindsay Graham, Mayor Joe Rigly, Sherriff Cannon, the security chief of SC Rick Dangerfield, the leaders of the Medical University of SC, Firefighters, Police, Military and has even trained at the 2nd safest place in the world the Naval Weapon Station. Dr Coldwell has been recognized by President George W. Bush and shared New Years Eve weekends with President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

Hear the truth about Natural cures for Cancer and all other auto immune diseases, Life, Politics, Sovereignty, The Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Dr. Coldwell's mega bestseller The Only Answer to Cancer is within 25 months of the 8th Edition. His book The Only Answer to Tyranny is a runaway best seller. Dr. Coldwell has over 57 million readers of his 19 bestselling books and countless publications. His book How to survive your illness and your doctor is a modern day legend. Dr. Coldwell is nearly every day of the year on some Radio or TV show.

Dr Leonard Coldwell is the Founder and President of the American Cancer Patient Advocate Foundation and is on the board of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. He is a for years part of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent  Association of the City of New York.

Author, lecturer, radio and TV personality, Founder of the IBMS Instinct Based Medicine System. Dr. Leonard Coldwell Cured his own mother from Hepatitis C, Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer in the terminal state ( with the prognosis of 6 month to live ) over 40 years ago. Dr. Leonard Coldwell is endorsed and supported by the elite of the health experts like Dr Rima Laibow MD, Dr Betty Martini, and many more. His "Instinct Based Medicine" reveals the cause of all disease. His practical solutions to stress and emotions have provided tens of thousands of people with more than just hope. Dr. Leonard Coldwell is the author of 19 bestselling books and thousands of publications and hundreds of CD and DVD self help systems. Dr. Coldwell trained and spoke for Military and Veteran organizations, 9/11 first responders, as well as firefighters, police and the naval weapon station, Medical University of South Carolina and countless of the largest organizations in the world. It is believed that his Stress reduction system is the most endorsed and sold in the world. Dr. Coldwell has been voted the most loved and most effective motivational, personal development, success and health Educator in the Word. Dr. Coldwell works with the leading companies their management staff as well as world famous actors and actresses, Models and Authors and Health Experts. Nearly every personality in the Health, Freedom and Wealth education business is a close friend of Dr. C. Dr. Coldwell was the Key Note speaker for the support of our troops Lets Freedom Ring and trained for 9 11 first responders, Police, Military, Firefighters, MUSC etc. He is the founder of the Foundation for Drug and Crime Free Schools and Health for Children ( 28 years ago ) and put 42 million dollars into his own foundation, that does not take outside donations. All profits from his books and CD sets go to the Foundations.

You find thousands of testimonials in writing and on video on his websites, like: